Artistic Directors: David Finckel and Wu Han

The Martin Family Artistic Directorship

Cellist David Finckel and pianist Wu Han, Musical America’s 2012 Musicians of the Year, rank among the most esteemed and influential classical musicians in the world today. The talent, energy, imagination, and dedication they bring to their multifaceted endeavors as concert performers, recording artists, educators, artistic administrators, and cultural entrepreneurs go unmatched. In high demand year after year among chamber music audiences worldwide, the duo has appeared each season at the most prestigious venues and concert series across the United States and around the world to unanimous critical acclaim. For thirty-four years, David Finckel served as cellist of the Grammy Award-winning Emerson String Quartet. David Finckel and Wu Han’s wide-ranging musical innovations also include classical music’s first musician-directed and Internet-based recording company, ArtistLed, whose catalog of sixteen albums has won widespread critical acclaim.

David Finckel and Wu Han are the founding Artistic Directors of Music@Menlo, and they have served as Artistic Directors of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center since 2004. In 2011, David Finckel and Wu Han were also named Artistic Directors of Chamber Music Today, an annual festival held in South Korea. David Finckel was recently named honoree and Artistic Director of the Mendelssohn Fellowship, a program established to identify young Korean musicians and promote chamber music in South Korea. In these capacities, as well as through a multitude of other education initiatives, they have achieved universal renown for their passionate commitment to nurturing the careers of countless young artists.